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Boston Children's pilots geolocation technology to help babies with weak hearts

May 1, 2017

Boston Children's Hospital is the latest to tackle the problem of continuity of care between a patient's doctor and any emergency room or urgent care center they might find themselves in. And they're testing the technology, from startup Position Health, in some of their smallest and most high risk patients.

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Position Health Uses Patient Smartphones, Geofencing to Improve ED Care

April 27, 2017

Thousands of people travel to Boston every year to receive specialized treatment from one of the city’s world-class hospitals. After receiving treatment, however, the vast majority of those patients return home.

That means if they experience complications, they go to the nearest emergency department to be treated by doctors who aren’t as familiar with them or their condition.

Position Health is looking to solve that problem for patients with complex conditions. By alerting providers if their patient enters an emergency room or hospital, the company helps connect the people making treatment decisions with the people who hold critical knowledge of the patient’s prior care and condition.