• Position Health has built a geolocation intelligence engine that monitors patient medical facility utilization.

  • We provide visibility into patient utilization of medical facilities – instantly.

  • We enable timely connections with patients and providers at the bedside during critical moments in the patients care.

  • We provide automated appointment adherence/non-adherence notifications.


  • Providers & teams notified when:

    • Patient enters an emergency department

    • Patient is admitted

    • Patient is discharged

    • Patient does not arrive for a scheduled appointment

  • Alerts are customized to provider workflow (page, text, email, api)

  • Avoids unnecessary admissions

  • Enables immediate connection to the patient or medical facility

  • Enables scheduling of timely follow-ups to avoid repeat emergency department visits

  • Enables, when appropriate, early transfer to your healthsystem

  • Enables timely intervention when high priority appointments are missed


  • Administrators are provided a data dashboard

  • View rank lists, timelines and time trends of medical facility utilization

  • View by patient, in/out-of-network facility, etc.

  • Enables:

    • Better population health management

    • Emergency department visit root cause analysis

    • Identification of patients needing more resources

    • Identification of facilities with whom coordination needs to be increased



Ability to create a custom network of geofenced facilities (in addition to emergency department visitation monitoring)

  • Skilled Nursing Facilities: assure patients go to the right facility, monitor for extended length of stay, be prepared when they leave

  • Long Term Acute Care Hospitals: assure patients go to the right facility, monitor for extended length of stay, be prepared when they leave

  • Dialysis Centers: detect missed appointments immediately, follow-up with the patient to avoid deterioration

  • Outpatient Rehab: monitor adherence to rehab appointments


Any facility across the nation is easily added to the network

  • 5,000 hospitals and every emergency department in New England currently geofenced

  • Other facilities can be added to the network within days