Our Mission

At Position Health, our goal is to improve continuity of care, reduce readmissions and redundant testing.  We believe that connecting providers at the right time can make a major impact on how we deliver care to patients.


Improve Continuity of Care

  • Enable your providers, who know their patients best, to recognize the moment one of their patients enters the emergency department

  • By connecting your providers to the emergency department in a timely manner, gain the ability to make an impact on your patients care before critical decisions about work-up, treatment and admission have already been made

Reduce Costly Readmissions

  • Impact clinical decisions at the right time to reduce preventable readmissions
  • Generate savings from reduced Medicare penalties in AMI, CHF, COPD, PNA, Hip/Knee, and CABG patients
  • Generate savings for patients in bundled and capitated payment arrangements 

Increase Engagement of At-Risk Patient Populations

  • Patients who are chronically at risk of hospitalization and rehospitalization
  • Complex patients that require a high degree of vigilance
    • Oncology patients on clinical trial medications
    • Pre and post transplantation patients
    • Select pediatric populations (sickle cell, cystic fibrosis, congenital heart problems)