Position Health’s patient monitoring capabilities enable providers to detect emergency department visits, hospital admissions and discharges in real-time. This facilitates clinical actions that benefit both patients and providers.

What Happens Today

High Emergency Department and Hospital Utilization

End-Stage Renal Disease patients have some of the highest rates of emergency room department visits and hospital admissions in the nation.

Downstream Impact on Care

A study of 182,536 End-Stage Renal Disease patients and 44 million hemodialysis treatments over 5 years found that patients on average miss 7.1 treatment appointments per year.

What Happens With Position Health

Opportunity to Improve Care

Immediate notification of emergency department visitation, hospital admission and discharge enables hemodialysis center to plan for absence and repatriation into dialysis program.

  • Reduce the cost of absenteeism.

  • Utilize open chairs for other patents in need.

  • Reduce unused equipment set up.

  • Stay connected to patient throughout hospital stay.

  • Ensure appropriate transition plan.

  • Communicate with emergency department physician: if in emergency department to receive hemodialysis, can arrange to bring back to center to avoid patient getting potential emergency department and hospital admission for dialysis.

  • Better, more connected, more efficient, less costly patient care.

Position Health has created a chair utilization case study that describes the challenges related to treating patients with End-Stage Renal Disease as well as how Position Health helps our customers face these challenges.


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