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Detecting when your patients experience healthcare moments that matter is difficult. Position Health makes it possible.

With a guided demo, you can learn how using Position Health’s patient utilization tracking product enables you to:

Reduce unnecessary admissions

Timely intervention by longitudinal providers can avoid hospital admissions. Unnecessary admissions are costly and detrimental to patients.

Reduce unnecessary utilization of healthcare resources

Duplicative diagnostic testing is costly and has negative health implications for patient.

Reduce suboptimal care

Longitudinal providers have internal knowledge about what works for specific patients that emergency department providers do not have.

Reduce leakage

When patients leak to out of network facilities and providers, there are no negotiated rates in place. Rate negotiation for these cases is costly and rate management capabilities are diminished. For patients, care is less consistent when delivered outside network.

Ensure safe transitions to home

Notification to longitudinal providers when patient transitions home increases chance that patient stays on the right trajectory.

Length of stay monitoring

Insurers and longitudinal providers can use real-time length of stay data to make sure patients are kept in facility only as long as required.

Reduce the cost of absenteeism

When patients go to the emergency department and get admitted, they often do not show up for near-term scheduled appointments. Position Health’s real-time notifications allow providers foresight into which patient appointments are at risk, giving them the opportunity to reallocate these high cost resources.

Conduct the safest trials in the industry

Real-time detection and notification of serious adverse events enables teams to conduct safer, more cost efficient clinical trials and post-approval support projects.

Position Health’s patient utilization tracking and real-time notifications allow providers to deliver better, more connected, more efficient, less costly care for patients.


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