Our Mission

At Position Health, our mission is to help:

  • your users feel safer and more connected knowing that their loved ones will be notified and be able to assist in their care

  • loved ones feel comfort knowing that they can help vulnerable family and friends with their care

We believe that by providing users automatic notifications to their family and friends when emergency care is occurring, your current users will feel safer and more connected to their loved ones.


How We Help Mobile App Makers

Increase the Value Proposition for Your App

  • Users will feel safer knowing that automatic notifications will be sent to family and friends when emergency care is occurring.

  • Real-time family and friend alert functionality will increase satisfaction and retention of your current users.

  • Increase app referrals because family and friends of current users will learn about your app by virtue of being confirmed emergency notification contacts for current users.


How We Increase Your App Referrals