Pharma / CRO

Our Mission

At Position Health, our mission is to help clinical trial and post-approval support teams:

  • conduct the safest trials in the industry

  • increase clinical trial and post approval support efficiency

We believe that detection and notification of significant adverse events in real-time enables teams to conduct safer, more cost efficient clinical trials and post-approval support projects.


How We Help clinical trial and post-approval support Teams

Immediately Detect significant adverse events

  • Follow-up with participants in real-time.

  • Costly clinic infrastructure no longer needed to detect significant adverse events.

  • In trial phase, identify safety events much earlier, thereby reducing potential safety risk to other patients.

  • In trial phase, enable sponsors to fail fast on compounds with poor safety profiles, allowing for early redirection of limited resources to medicines that will have better chance of success.

  • In trial phase, immediately initiate FDA reporting process for significant adverse events.

  • In post-approval phase, discover and root-cause rare significant adverse events.

  • In all phases, automatically capture audit data on participant medical facility utilization.

Patient compliance with forecasted clinical visits

Automatically detect when patients do not arrive for planned visits across all clinics.

  • Participant non-adherence to forecasted clinic appointments reported automatically.

  • Automatically capture audit data on missed participant clinic visitations.

Clinic wait time comparisons (clinic A vs B vs C)

Automatically track participant entry and subsequent exit from clinic; therefore, wait time.

  • Understand participant satisfaction to decrease drop outs.

  • Discover trends such as:

    • Which sites have longer wait times.

    • Which visits or days of the week are slowing things down.

  • Automatically capture audit data on participant clinic visitations.

Follow-up survey triggering

Automatically send follow-up surveys when participants exit clinic.

  • Understand participant satisfaction to decrease drop outs.

Trial sample pickup to lab delivery tracking

Automatically track samples as they transit from clinic to laboratory.

  • Build audit trail of sample pickup, transit and delivery.

  • Know how long a sample was in transit to the lab.

At risk appointment detection

Automatically detect and receive notification when participant transit time to upcoming clinic appointment is greater than the time remaining before their appointment.

  • Build audit trail of participant transit to clinic visits.

  • Automatic early detection of scheduled clinic appointments which are at risk of being missed.